Tips on Moving

  • Clear out unwanted goods – hold a garage sale
  • Get rid of flammables – paint, petrol, gas cylinders cannot accompany your effects
  • Empty fuel from lawnmowers, weedeaters, clippers and so on
  • Clothes – now is your chance to clear out unwanted clothing
  • Books – sort through your books, some may be disposed of
  • Check all electrical goods (tv, etc), will they work in the new country?
  • Make up your Change of Address list
  • Arrange to have mail and correspondence forwarded
  • Arrange for termination of electricity, telephone, security alarm, accounts, etc
  • Check to see if you still have original packaging for goods eg hi fi, etc
  • Have rugs, upholstery, curtains, etc steam cleaned
  • Separate the children's cherished toys for traveling
  • Collect together important documents ie marriage/birth certificates, drivers licences, passports, visas, etc
  • If wanting to ship your vehicle, check on import regulations and duties
  • If your new home is not ready, make arrangements for storage
  • Start running down fridge, freezer and pantry stocks as most countries will not accept food stuffs
  • Arrange your finances – close or transfer bank/savings accounts
  • Fridge and freezer to be cleared, cleaned and dried a few days before packers arrive to avoid mildew
  • Remove pictures, mirrors and wall hangings from the walls for wrapping
  • Any furniture that can be dismantled, can be done so before the packers arrive
  • All electrical appliances must be disconnected prior to the packers arriving
  • Any goods you do not wish to take with you, set aside or put away so that the packers do not wrap and pack these
  • To make your lives a little less stressful on the other side, put items aside that can be packed into one box, which will be the first box offloaded on the other side, to assist you, ie coffee, sugar, powder milk, first aid kit, children's toys, kettle, hand tools, light bulbs, luggage keys, portable radio, etc
  • Retain any purchase slips/invoices for new items bought prior to leaving for Customs and insurance purposes
  • Remember that the value you insure your effects for and the customs value you declare on the Bill of Entry on the other side are not the same figure. The value you declare for Customs must not be too high to avoid being charged duty on your used effects.


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